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Best in Chauffeur offers a more personable way to begin your luxury travel experience. It starts with the very first person you meet – your hand-selected Chauffeur. Who better to quickly navigate the city and perfectly source curated itineraries than a first-class Chauffeur and a team of Concierge experts? Our advantage is in our relationships with our local experts with life-long devotions in crafting their trades to perfection. The tradition is service and the reputation is legendary!


Elite Chauffeurs finally receive their much deserved recognition on our new platform. The true “hand-selection” process has been lost by companies comfortable with apps of drivers hidden in the database of their worldwide networks. A technology of convenience lacking personal connection as some of these drivers are only requested a few times a year and often on short notice. We use a new, trip event software with cutting edge features which also allows for a perfect fit with the high demands from our discerning clientele.

Why the Concierge

Our 24/7 Concierge team, sourced from the five-star signature hotels, are akin to our personal chefs who have spent years in the spotlight of their industries. They are the local experts that have been on the front lines of customer service daily and their recommendations are time-tested. They will put you in the epic eatery with the preferred server by name. What does your imagined experience look like? Need a videographer, musician, or dinner companion? Prefer a table in privacy or one commanding the grandiose of views? Our exclusive membership provides access to those finer details and so much more!

Personal Security

Our security firm consults the principal in risk mitigation for all phases of the planned itinerary. A coordination team is secured on the ground between a local private security partner and local law enforcement, as we insure means and methods comply with the laws of the local jurisdiction. The executing secure transit team for these specific details are CP trained, L4 or equivalent and medically trained in first response. The wealth of experience, training and awards of key personnel cannot be overstated when it comes to protecting the principal and his family.

Private Charters

Best in Chauffeur offers more than a seamless concierge service from the moment you land to your wheels-up departure. We arrange private air charters for our clients with Argus-certified air carriers to operate private flight operations worldwide. Whether it is light jets, mid-size or biz-liners, we have full access to on-demand and empty-leg departures. Likewise, on location in select Yacht basins, we offer the similar charter service in setting up and access to Yacht bookings. We handle all itinerary modifications for both charters to accommodate our signature Chauffeur services.

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